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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


Hide details for ID VaultID Vault
ASHEC5JLUQServer - ID Vault - Provide a debug notes.ini to update the IDFile view in the Vault on each look up of the user in the Vault in this view. ...
Hide details for IDEIDE
ARUIB2J2H8Designer - Fixed an issue where CTRL-Click was not working within CSJS resources. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
Hide details for IEI/LEIIEI/LEI
KKOOC3LHHWHEI - Fixed an issue where if a name different from the Domino server name in HEI Server Name was used when installing HEI, the error "The HEI...
KKOOC5DCHRHEI - Fixed an issue where UninstallHEI icon was not being created.
SSHEA8QPGAHEI - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to start a virtual document activity on IBM i V7r2. This regression was introduced in...
SRKMBYXAPQHEI - Fixed an issue where installing failover cluster with two HEI servers that when installing an additional server, after specifying name of the...
Hide details for iNotes Web AccessiNotes Web Access
RBIPC2KT5PiNotes - Fixed Dutch translation of a message on dialog asking "Please enter MFA token"
Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigInstall/Setup/Config
MLMAC28QNDServer - Install - Fixed an issue where httpd.cnf was missing for the other partition servers except 1st partition server if iNotes was removed from...
STAAC3J5WYServer - Install - Fixed an issue where the data\domino directory, which contains user-created files such as html and cores, was being removed by the...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
BKANC4XNS6Client - Install - Fixed an issue where the German Notes client installed the cacert.pem file in the wrong subdirectory. Workaround was to copy the...
ASIAC2VPZXClient - Fixed an issue where Notes would fail to launch if in the notes.ini file did not contain the Directory= entry. This regression was...
DLIMC49N5TClient - MUI Installer - Fixed a provisioning operation unexpected results error that would occur when installing Notes_12.0_Win_MUI.exe when the...
ACHYC7WDWPClient - Fixed an issue where MS office documents' share as a file functionality using Notes did not work intermittently. Workaround was to add the...
Hide details for InteroperabilityInteroperability
PKAIC664ZFiNotes - Mail - Fixed a problem where blank lines entered in mail editor disappear if rich text editor is used and mail is sent as plain...
CTOEC6QKYWiNotes - Change made to detect correct session cookie to use and avoid HTTP 400 error in a multi-cluster proxied configuration.
Hide details for Jar design elementJar design element
EELOBY9N4QProgrammability - Java - Fixed an issue with Java level compiler compatibility for java agents where error "Resource specification not allowed here...
Hide details for JavaJava
MDAAC2AGMNProgrammability - Java - Fixed a crash under Java_com_ibm_domino_napi_c* dealing with idtables
Hide details for Java ConsoleJava Console
BHUY89QGK7Designer - Fixed an issue where either the Java Debug Console would not launch from Domino Designer if "UseLSX "*javacon"" is used in LotusScript...
Hide details for LoginLogin
SAHNC6DE9QClient - Notes Shared Login - Fixed an issue with AUT upgrade of client where Notes Shared Login will fail with [Error message: Notes Shared Login...


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